Thank you for visiting my blog. As a food process engineer by education, a food safety professional, and a foodie by heart , this blog is my window to connect with the world of loving spouses. Whether you are a super-busy working couple, a long-distance couple, a bachelor, a bachelorette, or just anyone who wants an easy, peasy, comforting meal, this is your last stop.

My goal is simple – to ensure that my husband eats healthy and eats a variety of foods. That comes with a few challenges including his not-so-reliable culinary skills and the fact that he is a thousand miles away. So this blog is a journal of recipes for:

  1. Him to cook quick, easy and healthy meals
  2. To share the exotic recipes I cook when we are together

So let me take you on my culinary adventures with the hope that I inspire you to get cooking for yourself and your SO, while also educating you about food safety. Don’t forget to comment, and share stories and pictures of your lovely moments with your SO and the food.

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Dates-Coffee Shake

A delicious and creamy shake to kickstart your morning or for the mid-day energy boost

Masala Puri

A hot, spicy and lip-smacking snack from the streets of Bangalore


A velvety, hearty and flavorful stew like curry with Middle-Eastern flavors


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